Mentoring as a way of improving lives

To share her experience, both in the professional arena and in her personal life, Victoria Márquez-Mees Director of MICI was invited as a panelist to the event: “Advise I would give to my younger self”, which was organized by the Human Resource Department of the IDB Group as part of their Mentoring Program in which she has been participating as Mentor.

Victoria stressed out the importance of following one’s passion and take risks when it comes to getting more of what life is giving you. Getting out of the comfort zone may bring stress at the beginning, but it will certainly bring growth and resilience. She also talked about making it a habit to challenge and monitor continuously what you are doing; people are never a finished product, the search for excellency should be an everyday habit. She shared the panel with Marcelo Cabrol, Social Sector Mgr; James Scriven, CEO BID Invest; Gina Montiel, General Mgr for Central America and Mexico; and Claudia Bock-Valotta, General Mgr for Human Resources. The panel, was moderated by Maya Hennerkes and brought valuable insights to all IDB Group participants who attended.


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