IDB Invest Public Registry (December 2015 to present)

This Public Registry lists in chronological order the complaints received by the MICI in connection with projects financed by the IIC since December 15, 2015, when the Policy of the MICI for the Inter-American Investment Corporation took effect.

To learn more about a particular case and/or to access its publicly available documents, click on the link provided in the complaint number in the far left column.

For complaints received between September 2010 and December 16, 2014, click here

Year of reception


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This number is assigned upon receipt of the complaint, following a sequential order initiated in 2010. It contains information about the receipt year and country of origin.

The business day on which the MICI receives the complaint.

Provides information on the project financed by the IDB Group institution referred to in the complaint.

Provides information on the status of each step and its outcome once finalized.

Processing of the complaint is divided into four major steps at which the request may be at any given time. However, not all complaints must necessarily go through all of the steps.

Provides the general status of the processing of the request, i.e., whether it is active or closed.

Complaint register Date of Receipt Relevant Project/Operation Stage of the Process Processing to date Current Status
MICI-CII-ME-2017-0122 07/25/2017 Grupo Corporativo Papelera S.A. de C.V.

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